Posted by rawlogic on 03/09/2001 @ 06:40:40 PST
In Reply to: PRINTER$ posted by Adventure on 03/05/2001 @ 09:01:16 PST

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I forgot to comment on the PRINTER$ share. This is your
Window's system folder, and it is shared as "read-only".
This is used to make your printer drivers available. It is
very unlikely that you would have any personal files or data
in the system folder. For instance, your registry data is
all stored in user.dat and system.dat in your Windows root

Nonetheless, it's better to be safe than sorry. It's better
to follow the instructions that I outlined to prevent file
and printer sharing across the internet, unless it is your
desire to share them. In which case, just password protect
your shares with a strong password, and don't share your
printer until it's ready to be used, then turn the sharing
back off.

: Greetings:
: First and foremost .... thanx for the great software. I
: have been configuring my home network (without firewall),
: and I have found this software very useful to identify my
: home network vunerablities.

: Now that I know "enough to be dangerous", by means of
: binding associations and NIC configurations ... I think I
: am relatively safe "unless targeted" by a sophisiticated
: hacker ... but what would they want with my PC info?

: Anyway, there is one open issue with which I am
: uncomfortable.... My shared printer seems to allow access
: into my "system" folder, which of course is where all my
: critical system files reside. What can I do to block
: authorized access to this folder, or am I overly paranoid?

: Thank you in advance.

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